Pam Thomas has a Master of Acupuncture degree from Tai Sophia Institute, the oldest Five Element (aka Worsley) style acupuncture school in the U.S., combining deep attention to her client’s spiritual beliefs with the presenting physical and/or emotional symptoms.   She has been a devotee of 5E Acupuncture since 2001, when her own otherwise inexplicable symptoms cleared up through treatment. Tai Sophia has since been renamed the Maryland University of Integrative Health, and in 2016 Pam graduated with a Doctorate of Acupuncture focusing on Collaborative Care with western medicine. 

Blending diverse worlds, Pam is a retired federal law enforcement officer with the Department of Homeland Security and spent seven months deployed to Camp Victory, Iraq, where she advised on regional threat strategies, and introduced acupuncture and yoga to the military and civilian personnel stationed there.  Pam currently works as an Army civilian at the Evans Army Community Hospital in the Pain Clinic as a full time acupuncturist working with active duty personnel who experience chronic pain.   Because of this concurrent position, Pam is unfortunately not able to treat any TriCare beneficiaries at this time, per Army regulation 600-04.

Pam also has a background in addictions treatment and is a graduate of the Tai Sophia program for animal acupuncture, certified to treat five species.

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