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Acupuncture is the oldest and most commonly practiced medical system in the world and is currently used by at least one third of the world's population as a primary health care system.  While relatively new in the West, more people throughout history have been treated by acupuncture than any other system of medicine.  Unfortunately, most of us in the US have not been exposed to acupuncture as a modality, so we grow up unfamiliar with the possibilities contained within. 

This ancient method of healing is based on natural laws describing the movement of energy in nature and the body.  This life force, called Qi ("chee"), flows through the body in channels similar to rivers moving through the earth.  Health is promoted when the qi in the body is full and moving properly.  Illness can begin when the qi is blocked or otherwise out of balance.  Thin sterile needles are inserted at various points throughout the body to treat underlying imbalances and promote harmony within the system. Acupuncture points may be found on the body by measuring galvanic skin response with a special tool; of course there are maps as well, and most practitioners are trained extensively on how to locate them using only the hands.

All of us have this powerful ability to heal ourselves, but our busy lives have caused most of us to lose touch with this.